iPad POS hardware is easy with the Vend iPad app

At Vend, we’re working hard to make our point-of-sale software beautiful to look at, a joy to use, and super easy to setup.

We understand that setting up hardware and peripherals for a traditional retail point-of-sale system can often feel like programming a beta-max video recorder in the dark. But we want to change that, and offer our customers a complete iPad POS system that just works, out of the box. A POS system anyone can setup, without having to spend a whole lot of money, or find an IT genius to do it for you.

Which is why, just in time for Xmas, we’re very pleased to announce the release of the Vend app for iPad and iPad Mini. To help you take the ‘hard’ out of hardware.

Discover Vend point-of-sale for iPad and iPad mini for yourself. Take a tour or signup free at www.vendhq.com/ipad-pos.

Vend for iPad and iPad mini lets you sign into any register on your Vend account, and connect a range of standard peripherals using ‘Plug & Play’ technology.  Just plug in the device, switch it on, and Vend will discover and set it up for you. We’ve also added improved cash drawer control.

Vend iPad POS currently supports the following devices:

We’ll be adding more goodies in the new year, but take peek at what’s available right now in the short video above. Then head on over to the app store and download Vend for iPad and iPad mini now!

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