Vend Enables You to Get Products onto Your Shelves — and into Your Customers’ Hands — Much Faster!

Being slow to adapt and respond to your customers’ needs can kill your business in today’s super competitive retail environment. Speed and efficiency are critical, particularly when it comes to keeping your inventory fresh and ensuring that shoppers get their hands on their purchases.

That’s why we’re thrilled to unveil new features in Vend that help you do just that. Introducing  Just Receive and Scan to Receive — two new features that allow you to get merchandise onto your shelves — and into your customers’ hands — much faster. 

How they work

Just Receive 

The new Just Receive functionality lets you receive inventory directly into Vend with a few clicks. No need to create a purchase order; with Just Receive, you can enter stock instantly, so products can be sold in-store and online as soon as they physically arrive. 

Here’s how it works. From the Stock Control page you can: 

1. Add delivery details.

2. Choose products to receive by searching or scanning.

3. “Receive” the order.

Vend Tip

Are you a Vend customer? Try Just Receive the next time a new batch of merchandise arrives in your store.

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Scan to Receive using the Scanner App

You can also receive items by scanning them directly into Vend using the Scanner app. No need to manually enter products into your catalog. Simply use your iPhone to scan the items and they’ll be added to your inventory.

With Scan to Receive, you can keep your inventory up-to-date with minimal manual work and without having to worry about double-entry. Using your iPhone also reduces human error and makes it easy to catch supplier errors and other issues.

Here’s how to use the feature: 

We’ve added a new “Receive” tab into the Scanner app, which you’ll see when you download the latest version. 

1. When you click the “Receive” tab, you’ll see a list of purchase orders that you can begin counting.

2. Once in the counting page, you can search for products, select from the list of ordered items, or use your device’s camera to scan product barcodes and input quantities.

3. Upon completing the count in the mobile app, you’ll be prompted to head to Stock Control in the web app to adjust any supply prices and complete the receiving process.

Vend Tip

Use Scanner to count products in your purchase orders or as they arrive in your store. When signed in with Vend, you’ll now be able to access your Open and Sent orders and count the received quantities right from your iOS device. Download or update Scanner today!

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How Vend’s new “Receive” features can help retailers

Both Just Receive and Scan to Receive can help retailers be more productive and competitive. Some of the key benefits of these features include:

You can move and adapt faster

Vend’s new Receive capabilities eliminate any lag time from receiving orders to getting them onto your shelves and into the hands of your customers. Since you no longer have to create purchase orders or manually enter products into Vend, updating your catalog with new stock can be done quickly.

This means you can keep your inventory fresh, reduce product availability issues, and ensure that your customers can find what they need online and in-store. 

Makes it easy to implement omnichannel retail and contactless shopping

Just Receive and Scan to Receive can also aid your omnichannel initiatives. Whether you’re selling in-store, online, or implementing a hybrid model using click-and-collect, Vend’s Receive capabilities will make your life so much easier. 

Once items are received, your inventory levels are automatically synced across all your sales channels. You won’t have to deal with manually adding products to your online catalog and there’s no need to worry about inventory discrepancies. 

What’s more, Vend allows you to fulfill online orders directly from Vend, so there’s no delay in getting to your customers. 

Speaking of which, you can easily implement in-store fulfillment options like click-and-collect. You can offer local pickup on your website which customers can collect in-store.

Vend Tip

If you run your business from a single outlet, you can use Online Fulfillment in Vend with your integrated ecommerce platform to allow customers to pick up their orders in-store.

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Try Vend’s new “Receive” features today!

Receiving new stock doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. With Just Receive and Scan to Receive, you can update your catalog in a snap and get back to serving and growing your business. 

Try these new features today! Your team and your customers will thank you for it. 

About Francesca Nicasio

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