Meet the team: Keri Henare

Every month we profile a member of the Vend team. This month it’s Keri Henare, who joined Vend in October of 2011, and has well established himself as our cheekiest uber-geek and tech fanboy extraordinaire.

Many of you will know Keri well already, from his highly respected work (and ferocious tweeting). But for those of you who don’t, here he is, in 6 questions or less..

Who are you?

I’m Keri Henare – Web developer extraordinaire

What are you doing here?

I’m part of Vend’s senior development team.  We craft every feature that goes into Vend and are constantly refining the application for a better experience.  In particular, my focus is on the sale screen, which is the most used component of Vend.  I’ll be putting a lot of effort into perfecting the flow of transactions and making everything easier for our users.

Where did you work before ‘turning green’?

Before joining Vend I was co-owner at Pixel Fusion (, an amazing web development team.  I was sad to leave Pixel Fusion, but Vend was an opportunity that couldn’t be turned down.

Why Vend?

Like many others, I’ve done my time working in retail on terrible archaic point of sale systems.  I love the opportunity to be part of what Vend is doing: Showing the big boys how well POS can be done and turning an entire industry on its head in the process.  Vend has a big future ahead and I’m excited for the journey.

Tell us something curious about yourself.


If Vend was a Sci Fi hero, who would it be?

Neo from The Matrix. He exists to bring freedom to the enslaved, making a world of computers better for humans. He has both online and offline support, and (like us) he’s a fan of the colour green.


About Nick Houldsworth

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