Meet the team: Chris Downs

You may have noticed our recent help-desk improvements (it is easier to navigate and operate than ever before). Well, for that we must all thank Chris Downs. He’s our “thinker ahead” here at Vend; the one to fix something when the rest of us have only just realized it needs attention. Where would we be without him? We don’t even want to think about it.

Who are you? 

I’m Chris, Vend’s local Zendesk & Gooddata Fan-boy

What do you do at Vend?

Officially I am a customer support agent helping our clients with questions and issues they have when using Vend. I also put the release notes together each week for our ‘What’s new in Vend’ section, and compile the odd support note to improve our knowledge base. Then there’s the unofficial side of my role in which I edit our Zendesk instance to enhance the experience for our clients. Generally if the team want something done in Zendesk I’m the one to do it. I also compile analytics of the support desk in Gooddata.

What were you doing before Vend?

Before coming to work with Vend I was a Community Moderator with Lithium Technologies. Which means I helped a large company run their forums and ensure everyone played nice. I have also had stints with MYOB, Telecom & BP.

Why Vend?

Because it’s an awesome place to work! Everyone works together to achieve a common goal. There are plenty of laughs and serious work – plus it’s a laid back environment and we all love what we do. We’re also really lucky here as we all get to see what’s happening across the business and have the chance to influence a number of decisions as a team.  Vend encourages ideas and innovation – and I am full of ideas and innovation. I am pretty sure I drive my team crazy with the number of ideas I have. 🙂

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I’ve just returned to Auckland from 5 years in Christchurch. During the earthquakes I was an emergency welfare responder with Civil Defence. It was truly amazing to be a part of helping the city get through the first few days of a disaster – something I hope I never have to do again!

If Vend was an olympic event, which would it be?

Synchronised Swimming. Because we all work in sync to achieve the best customer outcome.

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