Meet the team: Dominic Scheirlinck

There are lots of intelligent folks working hard behind the scenes at Vend. People you don’t often see, but who are core contributors to Vend’s very existence. Amongst these are our support team, our awesome developers, and the dynamic duo know as DevOps. One half of this team, Morgan Pyne, you met well over a year ago. The other half is Dom, our resident whiz-kid. Have a question about anything under the sun? (Or even out of this world?) Just ask Dom. He knows everything.

1. Who are you?

I’m Dominic Scheirlinck, an infrastructure engineer at Vend.

2. What do you do at Vend?

My main job is to keep the service fast and available, 24/7. That means lots of scaling and optimizing work across our application and our servers.

Vend is constantly growing, so we’re also constantly adding new, gruntier hardware. And I get to be first to play around with it, which in my line of work is what qualifies for “great fun”. At the moment, for instance, I’m working on some truly impressive tin, helping to make it available to our main application and our retailers.

Because we’re managing a large number of servers, we also get to use some great tools. Puppet and git help us configure everything, and keep changes in sync. (Actually, we’re currently looking for good sysadmins, so if you’re sick of rsyncing config files around, come work with us!)

3. What were you doing before Vend?

Before joining the Vend team, I had the privilege to work at several excellent New Zealand startups. At Eventfinder and GrabOne I helped develop site features, and at Rimuhosting I got my Linux hosting chops helping customers with their VPSs.

4. Why Vend?

More than anywhere else I’ve worked, I think Vend has the potential to be massive in scale and revolutionary in impact.

In fact, this really speaks to why I became a web developer; it’s a wonderful privilege to be able to work on a product that is used, and found useful. The web lets me share the results of my work with huge numbers of people, even if they only subconsciously notice that 100ms speed-up!

5. Tell us something interesting about yourself.

As well as a BSc in Computer Science, I have a BA in Philosophy from the University of Auckland. Day by day, I’m finding more and more use for the latter. I can still give a half decent incompleteness proof, and enjoy explaining Cantor’s diagonalisation – logic is a far weirder beast than it intuitively seems.

6. Vend was an astronomical body, what would it be?

Definitely a quasar of some sort. Supermassive, with “astonishingly high energy density”. And pretty.

About Sim Ahmed

Sim was a writer and technology journalist in a former life, before coming on board at Vend to help us communicate with our amazing community of retailers, partners and developers. Feel free to get in touch with Sim on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.