Meet the team: JC Taunay-Bucalo

Every start-up needs a charming Frenchman. Ours, Jean-Christophe Taunay-Bucalo, could sell a letter to the alphabet if he wanted to. But he doesn’t. He’s too busy making sure everyone knows and loves Vend as much as he does.

As head of sales, many of you will have heard from JC while trialling Vend. He is the one that makes certain your transition to Vend is as seamless and un-fraught as it’s meant to be. And, as many a customer will attest, he does it exceptionally well.

Who are you?

I am Jean-Christophe Taunay-Bucalo. When I don’t break world record for the longest name ever or force printing companies to reduce the font size to print my entire name on business cards, I am best known as JC. I am also the croissant / french hip-hop /champagne provider. And yes you have all 3 of them at the same time if you come and work for Vend!

What do you do at Vend?

I am Head of Sales and I am lucky to have a wonderful Sales team. If you think that Sales in Vend is a bunch of pushy used car salesmen, you will be bitterly disappointed. We see sales more like a consulting role. We will try to understand the retailer business and help them to get the best of their Vend trial account.

What were you doing before Vend?

I studied Business Management in France and in the UK. I used to be Head of Sales and Marketing for a French Hosting company. Three years ago, I decided to leave the comfort of Paris to move to NZ. I was working as Sales and Marketing Manager for a New Zealand cloud computing start-up ( EMS Cortex) acquired by a big US Company last year ( Citrix).

Why Vend?

I am a start-up addict! Requoting Aaron Levie: “Startups are for people that wanted to run marathons, cage fight, and hunt alligators, but were born with asthma.” Yes it is true and I love this thrill because we are all working together to achieve something big. We are changing the way independent retailers can compete with large chains by providing them with an incredibly advanced technology at a cheap price. Isn’t it worth some late night work sessions?

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I am kind of an hyperactive. When I am not working, you will find me running a marathon, kayaking or practicing capoeira. I tried to convince my Vend colleagues to follow me with very mitigated success. But watch this space I might succeed in building a Vend team for a multi-sport event. Oh and yes also, I do have a French accent !

If Vend was a sandwich, what kind would it be?

Vend is like a slice of bread with salted butter dipped in a hot coffee on a Sunday morning. It is simple yet awesome!

About Tara Benedict

A former retailer (and unabashed nerd) who daydreamed about integrated POS software, Tara now delightedly recruits, promotes, and enables Vend's wonderful channel of add-ons and partners. An ardent sharer of Vend news and events, connect with Tara on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ and never miss an opportunity to meet up with the affable Vend team.