Meet the team: Lauren Taylor

As a customer it is almost worth sabotaging a CSV file or your thermal printer settings just to spend some quality time with Lauren, one of our oh-so-helpful support team. She knows what the heck she’s talking about – plus she’s awful nice.

Aside from assisting you in all of your Vending successes, Lauren can be found smashing everyone at pool or pinning the most extraordinary things to Vend’s Pinterest boards.

Who are you?

I’m Lauren, but I also go by a number of other colourful names including LT, Loz, Lollie and on occasion the odd “Lozenger”. You’ll recognise me on the helpdesk because of my signature smiley face sign off 🙂

What do you do at Vend?

I’m one of the friendly faces on the Vend Customer Support desk, but I also like to think of myself as a professional helper. I’m here to help with absolutely any issues or questions you have with your Vend account, there is no question too small!

What were you doing before Vend?

Before Vend I studied Web and Interactive Design at Natcoll Design Tech and did some freelance web design. I also was working at an accounting office where I became Xero certified, so that’s been really helpful on the helpdesk too.

Why Vend?

I love working at Vend, because it is the perfect combination of the things I know and the things I love; like all things exciting and webby, and also my passion for helping people and great customer service. Like most people, I have previously worked in a number of retail environments and used some pretty awful POS systems, and Vend is definitely the best! (not that I’m biased…)

Tell us some interesting things about yourself.

I’m a big baker, and my favorite vice would definitely be my beloved cupcakes! I’m also pretty big on themes, so every kind of holiday I tend to be making a cupcake to go with it! This does also include colour-coding and crafts, so naturally I’m also addicted to Pinterest and Instagram! I have recently also joined the land of Twitter, so that’s my current new obsession.

If Vend was an animal, what would it be?

We are big fans of Lolcats, but we also love our dogs (they often come to work with us!), so I think we would definitely be a Catdog! Vend is clever and funny, and also your reliable best friend, loyal and there for you when you need it!

About Tara Benedict

A former retailer (and unabashed nerd) who daydreamed about integrated POS software, Tara now delightedly recruits, promotes, and enables Vend's wonderful channel of add-ons and partners. An ardent sharer of Vend news and events, connect with Tara on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ and never miss an opportunity to meet up with the affable Vend team.