Meet the team: Zendesk

article by Chris Downs

Today is a pretty exciting day for our support team. (Or at least me, our resident Zendesk geek.) Today marks one year since we implemented Zendesk as our support and knowledge base platform at Vend.

So, to celebrate our first anniversary we thought we’d say “Thanks!” Thanks to Zendesk, of course, but mostly to YOU, our awesome customers! Some milestones we’ve acheived over the last 12 months:

  • On January 7th 2012 we had a support staff of 2 people. Today we have 11.
  • Our customer satisfaction has averaged 90%+
  • Over 750 user-created topics within our forums with over 1500 replies and 1770 likes. It’s you guys that help make our community the success it is today.

So what’s in store for the new year?

  • Content galore! This year we’re beefing up the number of articles in the support desk. We want to help you find an answer quick smart, so we’ll document every corner of the app and won’t rest until we’re done!
  • New “Community Update.” Every month we’ll round up the newest and most popular content so you can effortlessly keep up to date with the latest tips and tricks from the community.
  • More to be announced soon!

Also, we have some pretty spiffy schwag we’d like to share with our awesome forum contributors. Post or comment in the Community Forum between January 6th 2013 and February 6th 2013 and you might get a t-shirt! How cool is that!?

One lucky forum poster will get some green bling just for posting; another for the topic with the most “me-too’s”; and a third pack will go to the author of Team Vend’s favorite forum post.

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