Meet the Vend Team: Kyle Clarke

We wish to extend a warm welcome to the newest member of the Vend family, Kyle Clarke. But who is he, and what is he doing here?

Find out the answers below. Then be sure to say a big hello.

Who are you?

I am Kyle Clarke – kickass software developer.

What will you be doing at here?

I’m really lucky to be working on a well established platform such as Vend. It gives us the power and flexibility to create cutting edge features for our clients. This is where I come in. Apart from leading and mentoring the development team here at Vend, I will be driving new features for our users,  to make Vend a POS you will love to use!

Why Vend?

It’s a real pleasure to have been asked to lead the development of the Vend POS system. As it turns out, I’ve already worked with “the man with the moustache” before on such successful projects as I generally have enthusiasm to boot. So when you take an exciting product such as Vend, and add a dash of cutting edge technology, cap that with an emerging new marketplace and polish with a enthusiastic team – you get me and a whole heap of AWESOME!

In short, it’s great to have the opportunity to help so many so easily!

If Vaughan’s moustache were an animal, what would it be?

A sea cucumber.

Tell us something interesting about yourself. 

Being an avid music junkie, I love how analogue can still trump in this digital age. Which probably lends well to my like of public speaking and the feeling of engagement. These days I seem to be getting a real obsession for renewable energy creation and storage. There’s simply got to be a better way. And I also have a tattoo on my left foot that reads “shnue” – if someone can tell me what that means – it’d be much appreciated.

I am Kyle.

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