Meet the Vend Team: Mat Lyons

Some of our customers and partners may have already had the pleasure of meeting one of the newer members of the Vend team, Mat Lyons, through conversations on our helpdesk.

Mat joins our growing customer care team, and brings to the role a great deal of technical experience, a background in retail, point of sale and accounting, and a love of skimming across the water like a high-octane pebble. Read on the learn more…

Who are you?

Mat Lyons – The problem solver

What will you be doing here?

Vend customer care is here! I will solve your problems, answer your questions and most importantly make sure you enjoy using Vend. We have a fantastic support team in place so don’t be a stranger, we are here to help you!

What were you doing before you joined the team?

In early 2010 I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Studies majoring in Information Systems from Massey University (where I also worked as a computer technician supporting the campus IT infrastructure).

The logical next step would have been to settle down and get a real job… so of course two weeks later I was on a plane to the US on an 18 month working holiday; teaching water skiing in Pennsylvania and Canada during the summers, then skiing in Whistler through Winter.

Less than two weeks after I returned to New Zealand I was snapped up by Vend, to help them on their way to global domination of the POS market.

Why Vend?

I have had my fair share of retail jobs over the years and they all have one thing in common, a horrible POS system. When I found out about Vend it was great to see a company, let alone a New Zealand company taking the initiative to develop a affordable, easy to use, easy to setup POS system. I am really excited to be part of the team here at Vend as we move forward conquering old POS systems that we know you hate!

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I am a petrol head, I grew up riding Jet skis and motorbikes, driving cars and boats, basically messing around with anything that had a motor! Now I am back in New Zealand the time has come to re-kindle my love for all things petrol… where to start though?

If Vend was a car, what would it be?

Toyota Prius*

(* that’d be green, with a racing spoiler and a bad-ass sound system ^Nick) 

About Nick Houldsworth

Chief Marketing Officer at Vend. Husband. Father of three. Beard grower. Mandolin player. Tuesday drinker. Love helping retailers the world over grow great businesses.