Meet the Vend Team: Morgan Pyne

For something so core to our everyday and working lives, most people really have very little understanding of what ‘the internet’ actually is. End users tend to think of cloud software or web sites and apps in very abstract terms. You turn on your computer, open a web browser, and it’s just there. A bit like this…

Morgan Pyne, the most recent addition to the Vend team, is definitely not one of those people. Morgan understands the web, so you don’t have to. He knows how to build and scale the infrastructure that turns millions of lines of code, via racks of servers, stacks of virtual servers, and and an endless mess of network switches and cables housed in data centres halfway round the world, into beautiful, elegant web software – piped effortlessly into your computer.

Which is why we are very pleased to welcome Morgan to the team.

That, and because he also builds a mean Ukelele.

So read on to learn a little more about ‘our man behind the web’:

Who are you?

I’m Morgan Pyne – full-stack, curious and driven.

What will you be doing here?

I’ll be responsible for making Vend scale up to meet the demands of it’s rapid growth. This will involve touching all aspects of the software and hosting stack to ensure great performance and a continued smooth experience for users as Vend conquers the world.

What were you doing before you joined the team?

Prior to Vend I was a private contractor, building bespoke software for clients and helping them deal with performance and optimization issues.

Why Vend?

Vend is in a great place right now. They have tackled a market that has been dominated by lumbering dinosaurs far too long and the POS industry is ripe for a revolution. Vend is attractive because it is offering a service to clients that will both save them money and give them a better product than what they currently use. It’s a no-brainer for businesses to switch to using Vend instead of continuing to pay extortionate rates for a sub-par and frustrating experience using their existing POS services.

For me personally it’s also a great time to join the company because I love to get my hands dirty with the problems associated with scaling up a web-based service. Vend is growing quickly and I expect that trend to continue as word gets out about just how good it is.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I once toured with a band called Loon Saloon, playing a style of music described as ‘Cosmic Country’. I played a home-made Pedal Steel which was bought in a pawn-shop in Prague before the collapse of communism in the Czech Republic. It was made from old biscuit tins and bits of scrap, and I had to rebuild and repair it before every gig. I am also an aspiring luthier, and have just completed my first build – a Concert Ukulele built entirely from NZ native timbers including 50,000yr old ancient kauri. My current build is a Selmer-Maccaferri guitar, popularized by the legendary gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt in the 1940s.

If Vend was a genre of music, what would it be?

Post-bebop jazz, remixed for our modern times – the (re)Birth of Cool.

About Nick Houldsworth

Chief Marketing Officer at Vend. Husband. Father of three. Beard grower. Mandolin player. Tuesday drinker. Love helping retailers the world over grow great businesses.