New Add-on – Beautifully Integrated Ecommerce with Rocketspark

Rocketspark helps you build beautiful websites, simply. You can build your own site in minutes with their website builder or get Rocketspark to design and build one for you. What’s even more awesome is every Rocketspark website is optimised for mobile, so your customers can always reach you on any device. Rocketspark provides great reporting, and integrates with Facebook and Twitter so your visitors can easily share your products or content. And, of course, Rocketspark builds wonderful online stores that integrate with Vend.


Go Multichannel with Vend + Rocketspark

There are lots of hifalutin words being bandied about it retail (which is why we created a comprehensive retail dictionary). “Multichannel” is the buzz-word of the moment. Multichannel retailing means providing a seamless, hassle-free experience for customers across all your channels – particularly online and in-store.

Rocketspark syncs sales from your online store with your Vend account, so you’re able to provide your customers with seamless multichannel service.

Key features

Connect Rocketspark and Vend in two minutes

Linking Rocketspark with your Vend account is super simple. All the latest and greatest technology is in use to ensure that you can “add clicks to your bricks” without breaking a sweat.

Vend Rocketspark integration

Set up your online shop, easy-peasy

No online shop yet? No worries. Just click one button and—bing, bang, boom!—your Vend products are automatically uploaded to Rocketspark. Go grab a coffee, come back and (after 5-30 minutes) you’ve got an instant online store.

rocketspark invetnory

Manage one inventory, not two

Keeping track of inventory is effortless. If you sell out of an item in-store, this will be automatically and instantly reflected in your online store. No “double selling” limited stock.

Updates at one end are automatically applied to the other

When you edit a product in Rocketspark it will automatically update in Vend (and vice versa). No need to update products twice.

Specify “online only” product updates

Products that aren’t available in-store can easily be made “online only”. This product will only appear online and won’t sync with Vend.

Track online sales from your Vend account

Online sales are automatically sent to Vend, so you can conveniently track all sales from your Vend account. Forget managing sales separately—do it all from one place.

Connect all your channels with Xero

Vend’s Xero integration means all your sales, online and in-store, automatically sync with Xero.

Sign up and save

Get 50% off your Rocketspark subscription for the first six months (month-to-month) or the first year (annual subscription).

Become a paying Rocketspark customer connected with an active Vend account during the month of May 2014 to be eligible for the discount (and bear in mind, the discount is only applicable as long as the Vend account remains active).

Happy multichanneling!

About Tara Benedict

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