New Features: Discounts, Custom Receipt Text, Sales Tax & Xero Payments

We’ve very pleased to share with our customers some new, and eagerly anticipated features, released to Vend today. Part of a body of updates our product team have been working on over the last month or so. We also wanted to take the opportunity to mention another new feature (custom text on receipts) which has been live for a few weeks now.

We hope you enjoy these early christmas presents. We’ve got a couple more treats still wrapped up under the tree, which we hope to share with you soon.

Team Vend

Discounts on receipts and reports

Any discount applied at the sell screen will now appear as a separate line, both on the sell screen, and any printed or emailed receipt. Discounts details will appear whether you just change the price of a product, or set a discount on the total sale using the discount button.

Discounts will now also appear in Vend sales reports, and the end of day register report. And if you require more specific visibility for when discounts have been applied, and by which staff, you can filter your sales history to show any discounted sales.

Remove tax from a sale

As of today, you can remove tax from a sale in Vend, by simply clicking the ‘X’ button next to the tax line on the sale totals.

This will allow you to remove tax from all items in the sale, or if you need to sell some items taxed, and some untaxed, you can add the untaxed items first, remove the tax for just those items, then add the remaining taxable items to the sale.

Custom receipt text

This feature has been live for a few weeks, but we’ve had such good feedback that we wanted to share it on our blog with all our customers.

Any text field in Vend receipts can now be fully customised. Here are just a couple of the ways customers are using this feature:

1. To create estimate invoice templates, by editing the ‘Invoice Heading’ fields, then applying this template to an register specifically used for providing quotes or estimates.

2. Non-english language customers: it is now possible to fully customise the language on a receipt so that your customers are not presented with a receipt with any English text on it.

Import account payments from Xero

If your Vend account is linked to a Xero account, previously, if you posted through an account sale from Vend, you had to pay down the sale in Vend, to post through any payments to Xero. But sometimes your customers might pay directly into your bank account, and you need to reconcile Xero invoices automatically in your bank feeds.

Now, if you apply payments or reconcile account sale invoices directly in Xero, you can then import those payments back into Vend to close down the sale. Just click the ‘Xero’ button in the sale history, then click ‘Check for Xero payments’

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