We’ve Added Hundreds of Articles to Vend’s Help Center — Plus More Features to Support Retailers!

The Vend Support Team is super thrilled to announce that we just launched the new and improved Help Center! If you’re a Vend user, you’ll enjoy heaps more content and features, plus a sleeker and more modern look, so you can get the answers you need easily — and even faster!

Here’s a look at what the new Help Center offers:

Additional articles. We’ve added hundreds of new help articles so you can get to know Vend’s software even more. These detailed articles cover everything from point of sale setup to inventory management and reporting, so you can navigate and get the most out of the Vend platform.

We’ve also highlighted the most popular support articles, allowing you to find the content you need in as little time possible.

A better search experience. Finding what you need within Vend’s Help Center is a breeze, thanks to the page’s new search functionality which now displays article suggestions as you type your query. Categories have been overhauled making it easy for you to view all articles relating to a specific topic.

A sleek and modern look and feel. The new Help Center sports a new look that allows you to access the support you need much more efficiently. The search box is easier to use, and you can view Vend’s top articles and submit a question with just a few taps.

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All these updates are now live! We invite you to see and experience Vend’s new Help Center here.

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Vend knows and loves retail

This latest Help Center update is just one of the many things we’re doing to demonstrate our commitment to retailers. At Vend, our priority is to enable you to live a remarkable retail life, and part of doing that is making sure you have the support you need.

With Vend’s new Help Center, accessing articles and resources is easier than ever before, which means you can spend less time searching for answers and devote more energy to actually running and growing your business!

Just one piece of the support pie…

It’s also important to note that these Help Center improvements are just a small part of Vend’s efforts to support retailers.

We’re continuously developing new resources to inform and educate retailers, not just when it comes to how to use Vend, but also to help you run a more efficient and profitable business overall.

Be sure to check out the following support resources and services:

Vend Services – Take advantage of Vend’s onboarding and training services to get setup right, right from the start. Get help with everything from uploading and configuring your product catalogue, system setup, and staff training.

Vend Experts – We have a worldwide network of certified Experts who can provide training and custom solutions for your business needs. Get on-site assistance and consultation whenever you need it. You can also get help with integrating Vend with other retail apps.

Resource Hub – Need educational content? Our extensive library of retail resources is packed with guides, videos, and articles on all things retail. Discover tips and best practices on sales, stock control, and customer service that you can apply immediately to your retail biz.

Whether you’re an existing Vend user or a retailer who wants to take their business to the next level, we want you to have the support you need. Check out the new Help Center today or get in touch with us to learn more.

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