New year, new Vend

We are very pleased to present our customers a sneak preview of a major product update we will be releasing early next week. The culmination of many months’ hard work by our dev team, as well as feedback and testing from our customers.

Below is a round up of the top features about which we’re most excited.

Please note we anticipate approximately 2 hours service outage during the upgrade, on Sunday 8th January at 01:00 Pacific Time (GMT-7) / 09:00 GMT / 22:00 NZ Time (GMT+13). The Vend sell screen will still function in ‘offline’ mode during this outage.

Composite Products

With composite products you will be able to build virtual ‘menu’ items out of whole, multiple or split products. Selling or order a composite product reduces or increases inventory from the products which make up its parts.

We’ve designed composite products to be as flexible as possible, to work with the widest range of inventory. Some examples could include

  • Case of Wine (composed of 12 unit bottles)
  • Glass of Wine (composed of 0.2 unit bottles)
  • Hamburger (composed of 1 burger, 1 bun, 0.2 tomato, 0.1 cheese)
  • Bicycle Set (composed of 1 bicycle, 1 bike helmet, 1 lock)

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Product History

Every action against a product in Vend will record an event in a searchable product history, or audit trail. If an item is sold, received, voided, or transferred, the product history is updated, with details of the action, date, the user, a link to any sale or orders, and the before and after inventory.

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Element Integrated Merchant Processing

US based Vend customers can now enjoy full integration with Element credit card processing. You can integrate an existing Element account, or set up and integrate a new account.

We’ve made the setup process as simple as possible. All you need is your account details and a usb card reader. In a few short steps you’ll be up and running.

Staff Sales Targets

Managers will be able to set daily, weekly and monthly sales targets for staff, which can be tracked by the management team. Staff will also be able to see how well they are performing against their targets, visually, in a redesigned staff level dashboard.

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Shiny New Dashboard & Admin 

The dashboard has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Flash graphs have been replaced with HTML5 graphs. Staff & management can track their sales performance. And reporting has been integrated with the dashboard.

And all other admin pages have undergone an extensive design and user interface upgrade, with particular attention paid to the product pages (both product list, and add/edit product pages) and sales history.

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We hope you enjoy your new Vend, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Thank you and happy new year.

Team Vend

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