NOVO Watch | Growing a Successful Business with Vend, Shopify and Xero

Back in 2009, NOVO watch was nothing more than some drawings and an idea consuming Steve Christensen.

Practicing action sports in the summer and winter, Steve was frustrated that he couldn’t find a timepiece he liked. One that fit his interests and character. Why did it seem that no matter how unique or intriguing a watch looked at first, it felt like everyone ended up wearing the same thing?

Two years of meticulous attention to detail (and a plethora of powder days) later, NOVO watch was officially launched. And is insanely cool.

Steve Christensen tells us about growing a successful business with integrated apps Vend, Shopify and Xero.


We started our business online using Shopify but quickly found that we needed something more that would allow us to keep everything organised between the online world and the real world of trade shows, person to person sales and all that. That’s when we found Vend.


Since implementing Vend about 5 months ago it has been incredible how much time and thinking we’ve save by knowing everything is in sync. We are even able to arm our ambassadors with iPads so that as they go out and sell product we can track what they’ve sold and keep our stock levels in check.


Vend does so many things for us including inventory management, a payment accepting system and even keeps our accounting organised with Xero.

In the end?

Being organised in a startup like ours is super important so we can focus on the big picture and our goals. Vend has completely taken the ‘work’ part out and allows us to focus on our growth. We’re stoked we found it.

Vend, Xero and Shopify integrate seemlessly to help thousands of entrepreneurs save time and cut costs. Find out what these apps can do for you!

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