How one retailer went from slow and manual to powerful and automatic in one fell swoop


Miyo Fallshaw, owner of kids’ apparel store Oishi-m, was running a successful but somewhat fragmented business. On top of having a retail store, they also had a wholesale business and an ecommerce site, so managing all their store components – orders, sales, inventory, etc – was pretty darn challenging.

“We had to write down everything we sold for the day and manually adjusted inventory as sales were processed. It was a tedious process to say the least.”

Miyo thought finding a solution that can get all their systems to talk to each other was, in her words, like a “fairy tale.”


Enter SMB Consultants

Leave it to SMB Consultants, one of Vend’s awesome partners, to make Oishi-m’s retail fairy tale come true. In just a few short weeks, they helped Oishi-m convert their manual and fragmented process into a lean and automated system.

First meeting

According to Miyo, they first encountered SMB Consultants at a trade show. SMB founder, Jeff Atizado, was happy to chat with Miyo about Oishi M’s business needs and current issues.

“As a business our needs are interesting; we have a wholesale business, retail store and ecommerce site, all running on Macs. Finding a solution that met all those needs was becoming a huge ask and not the most enticing task on our future projects list.”

Miyo also told him about their manual data entry woes as well as how their apps were just “kind of talking to each other, but not ideally.”

The solution

Jeff introduced Oishi-m to the powerful combo of Vend, Xero, and Shopify. He got them all set up, and assisted Miyo and her staff with getting the right data, importing the information, and integrating their web store needs. It was a massive task that took about six weeks, but according to Miyo, “It was definitely worth it!”

In addition to set up, SMB Consultants also taught Oishi-m how to work their new system.

“Staff training was a great help from SMB. We had everything from introductions to all the systems, how-to sessions, importing new products, how to make a sale, stock management etc. Some of our staff members weren’t very tech savvy and initially felt reluctant with the training, but we all left the sessions feeling inspired and confident.”


How’s the business running now?

“These days our Shopify and Vend apps talk to each other in real time to manage inventory and sales; they then sync with Xero for accounting purposes. Plus everything’s in the cloud, so even if our bookkeeper is snowboarding in Europe or our retail buyer is working from home, everyone remains up-to-date.”

Miyo also commended Vend’s integration with Shopify and mentioned how they benefit from “being able to share inventory between our retail and web business and have real data and reporting capabilities instantly.”

Additionally, she said that Xero has done wonders for their business. “It reduced any manual handling and data entry from a bookkeeping capacity. Its bank feed integration lets us work more efficiently. We also love having our cash flow and financials at the tip of our fingers to help us make decisions quickly.”

A wonderful improvement on their days of recording sales with pen and paper and manually adjusting inventory.

Nothing but love for SMB Consultants

Of course, all that was made possible by SMB Consultants, and Miyo has nothing but great things to say about the company.

“SMB Consultants was amazing in helping turn a scary, intimidating IT systems project into a rather seamless and exciting prospect to help our business have better integration between systems and have greater transparency of our information,” raved Miyo.

“Definitely worth getting their help. They have the know-how coupled with a great friendly support team making implementation and ongoing maintenance easy.”


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