One tag, Two tag, Red tag, Blue tag …

…some are old, some are new ….

One of my favorite elements of Vend is its ability to remain clean and maintain a simple user interface, all the while some powerful features are working in the background.   The power of these features, I find, is that each store is able to apply them to suit their own, internal needs.

Tags are a perfect example.   What exactly are tags?   I am still learning that myself.   Listening to customer needs, here is what I have observed to date:

Tags serve to:  group data, provide organization, provide an additional dimension to reporting, identify items quickly and prioritize.

Choose your tags wisely.

Using the example of a furniture store; I have the item, Blue Table Lamp.  Let’s explore some considerations in creating tags for it.

Do you have a tag policy?

Consider a uniform naming convention in order to maximize searches and reporting.   Will you use singular or plural?  Possible tags:  Lamp, Lamps, Light, Lights and Lighting.   When a user searches the tag “Lamp”, several products may be inadvertently excluded if the creator used “Lamps” instead.

Consider daily users.  Who will be conducting product searches?   What word(s) are they most likely to use in a search?

Consider those designing the reports and making decisions.  What elements do they need to view?   In my furniture store, I may want to see product sales by Supplier and then add the tag “Lamp” to narrow my focus.   I may also need to see Sales by Supplier and a broader classification, such as “Accessory” to encompass additional accent pieces.   In this case, my product may hold the tag “Lamp” and “Accessory” and included in both reports.

Tags can grow with you.   As you continue to use the system, your reporting needs may become more sophisticated.   Or, as your product line expands, you may find the need to narrow the search field further.   Items can be exported, updated and imported.   When applying multiple tags, we can use “ ; “ to separate each.

How are you using tags?   Do you have a method for creation?

This was a guest post by Vend certified partner, Kara Haas CPA. Say hello to Kara over at her website,

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