How to open a new store in 7 days

Sometimes the stars align, the right space opens up, and it becomes a no-brainer to open that dream store you’ve been thinking about for ages. But what if this dream space has to be opened up quickly – say, in 7 days! Can you open a store in 7 days and do it right? Sure you can, when you have the right partner to help you out.

When Tim Hampton decided to open a Zetta Florence store in Melbourne he turned to Dan Fairbairn of Ocius Digital to get the business side of things taken care of. We had a chat with Tim and Dan to see how it all came together.

So, Tim, what’s the story with setting up a new shop in 7 days?

In the past 15 years the Zetta Florence brand has built a substantial loyal customer following both within Melbourne ,and from interstate and overseas markets. Camberwell in Victoria was a natural fit both geographically and demographically for the Zetta Florence brand and allows us to expand the footprint of Zetta Florence retail stores in Melbourne. Once we decided to go for it we had an incredibly short time frame to fit out, install and implement systems, arrange stock and visual merchandise.

Dan from Ocius Digital was given the challenge of ordering, installing and implementing hardware, inventory controls and a cloud-based POS within 7 days.

And?! (We asked, pretty much holding our breath.)

Mission accomplished without any problems. Everything flowed beautifully and we were able to open and start trading on our target date.

Awesome! You’re happy with the result? Would you recommend Dan and Vend to your friends?

No hesitation. Dan’s knowledge and experience in Vend implementation was invaluable. Once set up Vend is simple to use and makes the POS activity in the store fast and efficient and provides me with all the data I need to track and manage the retail sales.

And Dan, how did you manage to execute a stress-free implementation in just 7 days? Any tips for other partners and store owners?

1. Take every stage separately, and don’t assume ANYTHING.
2. The six P’s. Prior planning prevents piss poor performance.
3. Test everything possible first, use demo systems, import sample files, review.
4. Involve as many people as possible in the change management to ensure no-one is left behind.
5. Gain sign off on every stage as you move through.

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