Partner of the Month: CODAS Computers


Who: CODAS Computers

Where: Tasmania, Australia

How did you get started?

Codas started seven years ago with the aim of offering a complete solution service to both consumer and business customers. Codas has partnerships with many major brands of both hardware and software. Vend is a logical and important partner for us, being the leading cloud POS solution in today’s retail environment and fits perfectly with our current portfolio of partner solutions.

Why the cloud, and why Vend?

Cloud based software solutions and in particular Vend, offer small to medium retailers many feature rich options, many of which were only previously available to larger scale companies or retailers. A few good examples lie in Vend’s ability to:


1. Reduce the costs of IT staff
2. Save on hardware costs – Vend runs on PC, Mac or iPad offering the use of existing equipment.
3. Integrate with other cloud based applications, particularly Xero or Quickbooks online.
4. Always have access to the latest version Vend and any new features introduced.
5. Access Vend offsite on any devices, allowing owners to keep an eye on their business.
6. Have a scalable solution, that is predictable, economical and grows with the business needs.


What makes you love your job? 

The excitement generated when a retailer sees the potential Vend offers over an existing onsite POS solution. The feeling you get when you’ve made a difference to a business in making them more efficient and assisting them to simplify their processes and achieve a positive result for their business.

Any awkward moments your job has gotten you into?

Too many to mention really, but one that comes to mind was during a one-to-one Vend training session with a business owner using their iPad. Their partner starting sending them some suggestive iMessages about what was going to happen between them when they got home. They went beetroot red when it happened. Awkward!


Do you have any advice for other Vend partners?

Do your research on the retailer or business you are prospecting or meeting with, so you understand or anticipate any possible questions or objections they may have. Ask discovery questions (how, why, when etc.) to find out their current issues, operating procedures or any possible pain points they currently have that Vend will solve or alleviate for them. Once you have an understanding of how their business operates and what they wish to achieve, you can then tailor a Vend solution to their goals and requirements, either as a standalone option or in conjunction with another integrated cloud solution.

Be prepared to fail at times, be wise enough to learn from your mistakes, be bold to try new things in the sales process, be enthusiastic and never give up even in adversity. As Jerry Seinfeld says, “keep your head up in failure, and your head down in success”.

– Brentton Smith, Business Specialist, CODAS Computers

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About Grace O'Hara

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