Partner of the Month: EISOL

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Where: Singapore

Why we love EISOL? 

Coming on as an Expert Partner in September 2012, Kelvin Low has wasted no time in getting the word out about Vend. After falling in love with the concept in its early days, he’s now introduced over 80 local businesses to the wonders of doing business in the Cloud. He tells us where his passion comes from and how he loves helping small businesses win.

How did you get started? 

I found Vend through Google and tried it for a week. After that I decided to team up with Vend to introduce this great solution to the market. I was initially caught by the ‘work offline mode’ feature but after trying it out, I realized Vend POS is so clever in the way it makes use of the HTML5 offering by turning it into something that is very useful for every small business. Vend is also one of the few companies willing to open up their API for third party integration. Their openness reaffirmed my decision to work with a company who’s transparent and willing to share.

Why the cloud, and why Vend?

The cloud offers a host of benefits over traditional business practices. You can view everything you need to know about your business in real time, and it’s cost effective and it works on any platform – so long as you have a web browser. All of this is true of Vend, plus it has it’s own benefits. Its user interface is simple to use, it supports multi-outlet operations, it works offline, it’s easy to set up in terms of hardware, there’s fantastic support, plus its open API and add-on marketplace means that every need of a small business is met. I could go on forever, or you could just try it for yourself!

What’s the most rewarding part of your job? 

Typically we have less interactions with customers after the deployment, where they will start to focus on their business and using Vend. We find it most rewarding when customers come back and tell us they are opening up new outlets so they need to upgrade their account or acquire more hardware. Then we’re able to continue to get to know our customers and help them find retail success!

Cat Socrates is one of our favorite customers who’s grown from a single outlet to two. Fresh Pressed is another customer who has been with us for over a year and they are expanding quickly to three outlets soon! We are grateful when happy customers tell their friends about us and recommend Vend – which is increasingly common.

Do you have any advice for partners?

Sharing is one of our most successful strategies. As a POS solutions integrator, we get exposure to various types of businesses and every engagement is a learning opportunity. We learn the best practices from retailers and cafe-owners and in exchange, share with them what we’ve learned from others. Customers appreciate it and feel that you genuinely want to help. I am passionate about helping small businesses grow, and seeing their successes makes me happy.

– Kelvin Low, EISOL

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