Partner of the Month: POSable


Who: POSable (formerly PWAR Systems)

Where: Huddersfield, UK

From working at Apple and running a successful web and graphic design business, Peter became intrigued by the world of cloud-based POS. And so with the help of his business partner Hannah, along came POSable – a retail and hospitality solutions specialist company obsessed with helping retailers connect with their business through technology. We spoke to Peter to find out how POSable came about and why they love the cloud.

What’s POSable about and how did you get started?

While I was running my design agency (PWAR Creative) one of my clients asked if I could suggest a POS system for her Pet Store. I love Apple products and have a big passion for technology, so an iPad till system was the first thing that came to mind. After some research and a lot of fact-finding I came across Vend and their partner program. I later supplied The Pet Store in Denby Dale with their first Vend till. I could really see how iPad POS in the UK was emerging as an exciting industry, so I set up PWAR Systems to offer advice, installations and training on EPOS to a variety of retail and hospitality businesses. The company grew rapidly and so I joined forces with Hannah at the start of 2014, and together we’ve grown our portfolio of EPOS clients across the country. Just a few days ago we rebranded as POSable! 

What are your core values and mission?

Our core company values are quality and honesty. We focus on giving impartial advice to our customers so they can get the right solution for them. We provide quality information, installations and training to enable our customers to get the most out of their system from day one. Our honesty is what our customers really love about us, by offering truly impartial advice we help to connect our customers to their business through technology.

Why the cloud?

From my background working at Apple, I have a love for the cloud and know that cloud-based solutions really are the future of technology. Cloud-based technology is something that POSable really believes in and we embrace it across all arms of our business – its at the core of what we do. We especially love how this technology allows our customers to have instant access to their reports from anywhere. We find this is something our customers really engage with and use on a daily basis to help their businesses grow. 

POSable's set-up for Vend customer Coffeeboy in Huddersfield

POSable’s set-up for Vend customer Coffeeboy in Huddersfield

Why did you choose to work with Vend? 

We love Vend. The software is second to none and with the multiple platforms on offer we are able to satisfy a wide range of our customers’ needs. Ever since our first meetings with the Vend team, we knew we would have an amazing working partnership together. The guys at Vend have the same company ethos as ourselves and they can’t do enough to help us or our customers. The on-boarding process is simple and effective and it has been a pleasure to work with all the different Vend teams since we came on board properly at the start of this year. By working with Vend, we have been able to offer our clients a truly exceptional product and have grown our business as well. 

What are your predictions for the future of retail?

We see cloud POS systems becoming the norm for every retail store in the near future. The scope of these systems is just so vast and the level of detail they hold so great, they truly are a must for streamlining any business. 

Any advice for retailers?

Embrace technology, love technology and don’t be scared of it! Technology really can enhance your business and make the day-to-day running of a company so much more simple and cost-effective. 

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