Partner of the Week: BMobile Solutions

BMobile Solutions is the jack-of-all-trades for small businesses. Armed to their teeth with technological know-how, and with their ability to translate HTML5 and hardware errors into everyday lingo, BMobile is helping retailers everywhere get on board the Cloud movement. With the recent creation of The Cloud Lounge (an interactive space where customers can experiment with Cloud software and products), it’s not hard to see the strength of the Cloud-BMobile relationship. Cam Scott explains…

Love at first sight.

I saw the arrival of cloud applications as a game changer. I knew straight away that the cloud would fundamentally change how companies operate. We’re teetering on a classic tipping point that will ultimately displace traditional technologies.

After the honeymoon period.

It goes without saying that the cloud is awesome because it’s ‘The Cloud’. But our experience has been that clients also love to see these systems in action in the real world. They like to inspect the hardware that will harness these apps, and interact with the people that can help them move to these systems. So it’s been essential for us to be really visible, and have a good level of experience with a wide range of solutions.

But will it last.

Over the last 6 months, our cloud-based services have gone from being 10% of our focus to almost 100%. We are growing, to the point where we now need larger premises and a bigger staff. Obviously I made the right choice to focus on the Cloud.


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