Partner of the Week: My Mac

Who: My Mac

Where: Australia-wide

What: More than just Apple distributors – as if that’s a “just” – Australia-based Vend partner MyMac is an Apple business consultancy, specializing in Point of Sale hardware, software, implementation, training and support.

Love your Partner: Rather than one-off POS installations, the team at MyMac are all about offering complete solutions. By bundling hardware with services and support, MyMac creates long-term relationships with an incredibly loyal base of customers.

Love your POS: With the majority of businesses being small businesses, cash flow is critical – and the Software as a Service (SAAS) model adopted by Vend and other cloud apps is great for this. Having invisible, shared and scalable infrastructure at your fingertips teamed with simple monthly payments is win-win for small business!

Key benefits are Vend’s simplicity of use and the low training requirements for staff – compared to complex, proprietary systems. Also the cross-platform (Mac/PC/iPad) capabilities are great because Vend works with the hardware a customer has and the hardware they want. Plus there’s no local server infrastructure to purchase.

Vend completes our spectrum of product offerings and gives us an edge in the growing Apple Point of Sale marketplace. -Nash Whitehouse, Consultant, MyMac

About Tara Benedict

A former retailer (and unabashed nerd) who daydreamed about integrated POS software, Tara now delightedly recruits, promotes, and enables Vend's wonderful channel of add-ons and partners. An ardent sharer of Vend news and events, connect with Tara on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ and never miss an opportunity to meet up with the affable Vend team.