Increase Your Sales and Basket Size with Promotions Helper!

Running a promotion is one of the best ways to increase revenues in your retail business. Shoppers love a good deal, and having the right offer will convert customers who wouldn’t have purchased from you otherwise.  

In fact, research from BigCommerce found that promotions can lift your conversion rates by up to 3150% (not a typo)!

Promotions clearly have a huge impact on sales, which is why it’s often a good idea for retailers to run them. 

But what if you’ve already enabled promotions in your store but aren’t seeing the results you want? Maybe it’s a case of your employees forgetting to mention an offer to shoppers. Or perhaps it’s a matter of promotions not being applied at checkout. 

Whatever the case, Vend’s Promotions Helper has got you covered. 

Introducing Promotions Helper

Promotions Helper is a feature in Vend that alerts cashiers when there is an active promotion on a product they’re ringing up.

Perfect for stores that hire casual staff and have all-around busy employees, Promotions Helper reduces the mental load of having to remember all the promos you have going on, and it empowers your team to up-sell and cross-sell, so they can increase basket size. 

Promotions Helper has already helped hundreds of Vend retailers to increase their basket size by 15% and promotions attachment by 33%.

How it works

Let’s say you’re running a mix and match promotion — i.e., “buy 3 T-Shirts and get a free accessory” — and a customer has already decided to buy 2 shirts.

At checkout, Promotions Helper will alert the cashier via the Sell Screen that a promotion is available for the sale, which then prompts your staff to mention it to the customer. 

When the shopper realizes that they’re just one T-shirt away from a free accessory, they decide to add another shirt to their basket.

The shopper leaves your store happy, because they just scored a freebie, and you’re thrilled because of the increased basket size. 

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Empower your team and get more out of each sale! Learn how to set up and enable Promotions Helper.

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The impact of Promotions Helper

To date, Promotions Helper has made over 1 million promotions suggestions and has helped thousands of retailers get the most out of their sales and promos. 

You’ve got a great system and it’s very easy to use. The latest update (Promotions Helper) particularly made it more intuitive for those of our staff that only work a day a week or fortnight and can’t learn the ins and outs of all our sales.

– Tinderbox Australia

“One thing we often hear is that promotions and sales are only as effective as your salespeople,” says Ben Popat, Vend’s Product Manager. 

“Promoting an offer through signage or on social media is useless if it’s not backed up verbally in-store. And it’s fair to say that when staff members aren’t aware, simply forget or are just not proactive about a promotion, revenue is lost,” he adds. 

According to Ben, Promotions Helper addresses these issues to ensure that retailers aren’t leaving money on the table when they run promotions. In fact, the feature has already helped hundreds of Vend retailers to increase their basket size by 15% and promotions attachment by 33%.

Implement Promotions Helper in your store

Learn how to set up store Promotions Helper in Vend. If you’d like to learn more about Promotions, get in touch with us today. 

Promotion Helper is available for Advanced Promotions, a feature that comes with Vend’s Advanced and Multi-Outlet plans.

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