Putting an end to bad point of sale

When we launched www.welovepos.com – a website for sharing point of sale horror stories and celebrating great technology & design – we purchased a clunky, obsolete old cash register called Steve, with one purpose in mind: trashing him.

In fact, we would happily see an end to all the Steves of this world – overpriced, difficult, and dated point of sale systems that just won’t die. So we went to our customers and asked them how we should help Steve meet his maker: by firing squad, smashed to pieces with hammers, or by ‘falling’ off a tall building?

Then as the votes started coming in, we thought, why not all of the above?

But more than just film a few developers with pale skin and bad posture ‘taking it’ to an old cash register with baseball bats, we wanted to tell the story of why we are so determined to put an end to miserable pieces of s**t like Steve, and all his kind, in the first place.

Here is that story. Enjoy. (Watch in full HD glory on YouTube)

(For those of you interested to know what the actual final vote count was from We Love Pos, here it is..)

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