Are you ready for QuickBooks Online and Vend POS?

QuickBooks Online and Vend POSHere at Vend, we’re always looking for ways to make, our retailers’ lives easier. Recently, we’ve turned our attention to simplifying how retailers do the accounting in their businesses. As a Vend customer, you can expect us to be coming out with new point of sale technology designed to save you time, save you headaches, and save you money…all while making it much easier to run your business.

With that in mind, we’ve built a Vend integration with QuickBooks Online so that all of our US customers can now have a seamless connection between Vend POS and QuickBooks Online.

The QuickBooks Add-On is in the final stages of beta testing, and we’re opening it up to all of our US customers. If you’ve been waiting for this, your time has come.

Once you connect Vend and QuickBooks Online, Vend automatically pushes end-of-day register closures to your QuickBooks Online account. This reduces the time you spend buried in spreadsheets and behind a fax machine sending receipts to your accountant. In short, it gives you hours of your day back.

Check out the intro video below to see how easy it is to connect QuickBooks and Vend.

Get started with QuickBooks today by logging into your Vend account, and clicking on the Setup > Add Ons page. If you need any help, check out this handy little guide for setting up Vend + QuickBooks Online.

This product integration is a first release version, and is currently only available to customers in the USA. We’ll be adding additional functionality and country availability over the coming months. Stay tuned to our blog for updates.


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