This Week in Retail: How Goodwill is reinventing stores, why ecommerce is eyeing brick & mortar and more

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This week’s roundup talks about why ecommerce is “flirting” with brick-and-mortar, how retailers can use data for success, what it takes to provide an awesome customer experience, and more.

Read away!

1. Why is e-commerce eyeing brick and mortar? –  Watch Ethan Song, CEO of formerly online-only retailer Frank & Oak talk about why having physical retail stores is important in his business. He also shares his thoughts on the future of malls and what might happen next. View the clip to learn more.

2. How Goodwill’s new boutiques are dressing up secondhand shopping – Need some lessons or inspiration to help you reinvent your stores? Goodwill could be a great source for that. Read this post and learn how some Goodwill stores are transforming from thrift shops that feel cheap and unappealing, to hip boutiques that are drawing younger crowds. View the post and see if you can apply any ideas in your retail shop.

3. 4 ways retailers can leverage big data and edge analytics for success – In this post, Cisco’s Lisa Fretwell talks about how retailers can use big data and analytics to improve the shopping experience, provide more relevant offers, optimize stock levels, and increase warehouse productivity. It’s an interesting read and can really help you see the importance of making data-backed decisions.

4. The winning formula for retail stores in 5 simple letters – “Future survival and success will depend not upon a sale today, but a winning formula for CX (Customer Experience) that creates relationships,” writes Chris Petersen. In this piece, he sheds lights on the five ingredients that make up the secret sauce of customer experience and how you can apply them in your own retail business. Read his post to learn more.

5. The future “smart city” meets the “smart store” – In this post, Tony D’Onofrio shares his thoughts on smart cities, smart stores, and what’s next for retail. He discusses the impact that the Internet of Things (IoT) might have on the retail industry as well as on the public and private sectors, and gives an interesting view of what the future could look like. Check it out.

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