Retail Dreams Come True: TRI N RUN

Triathlon is the one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. So much so that traditional sports retailers are back-pedalling and diversifying in order to accomodate what is, as it turns out, an eager new market.

A great triathlete is quick, nimble and able to rise to the changing demands of the day. A great business should be the same. Keeping pace with and responding to rapidly evolving consumer demands requires a light business footprint. It means your tools need to be mobile, they need to be scalable and they need to be evolving with you.

You can’t expect to keep up with athletes when all of your business tools and data are trapped in $40k’s worth of desktop software back at the shop.

Article by Chris Young of TRI N RUN

TRI N RUN was born out of the Orca store in Auckland, New Zealand, and expanded what was a highly niche store into a destination for triathletes, runners and swimmers. Many people would come in to the Orca store with comments like “I wish you guys did shoes,” or, “You should stock nutrition.”

In response, the store was re-branded and re-opened in September 2012 as TRI N RUN. The store now carries over 25 brands across wetsuits, shoes, apparel, accessories and nutrition; and is manned by a team of triathletes, swimmers and runners passionate about the sport and providing the best service possible.

The old store relied on expensive accounting software, spreadsheets and old-school hand-counting to manage POS and inventory. When I came on board as the new manager one of the first things I looked at was how to create a smooth, integrated system. I had come across Vend on social media and decided to see how it worked. Seeing how Vend works with Xero and integrates with Shopify spurred me and the team jump in and give it a go.

With over 3,300 SKUs on board, Vend has been the difference between keeping on top of things and, well, not. Not only in-store, but also at events like the ITU World Champs – where the team ran Vend off an iPad.

Vend’s tie-in with Shopify has also enabled us to build and grow TRI N RUN’s online store without the hassle of extra plugins or having to get developers in. And of course everything works seamlessly with Xero, which has helped the team to keep things really streamlined.

With plans for more TRI N RUN stores in the future, Vend is the perfect platform for our growth.

Make your retail dreams come true. Find out Vend can help you grow your business without growing your workload.

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