This Week in Retail: Staff training done right, personalization at its finest, and more.

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Hi Venders, and thanks for swinging by our latest This Week in Retail post! Today’s roundup has articles on staff training, personalization, digital and physical partnerships, and more.

Read away!

1. Get the most out of your seasonal staff – training done right! – Hiring seasonal staff for the summer? Be sure to train them right. In this post, the Graff Retail team shares five tips for getting your temporary hires up to speed quickly and efficiently. A highly actionable post, this piece will help make staff training smooth and painless both for you and your employees. Check it out!

2. How physical retailers can benefit from partnering with digital businesses – Offline retailers teaming up with online pureplays may seem counterintuitive, but it actually makes more sense than you might think. This article outlines some of the top benefits that can stem from such partnerships. Read more and see if you can implement the strategy in your own business.

3. Is Ron Johnson’s “Enjoy” your new “digital plumber” at home? – In his latest post, Chris Petersen talks about “Enjoy,” which is “a ‘store’ designed to sell you high-tech gadgets, but also with the twist of offering personal delivery and in home setup.” He relates the launch of the company to the ever-growing importance of personalization in today’s consumers. He says that while the 4 Ps of retail (Place, Product, Price, and Promotion) are still here, “consumers are now looking for a new P – Personalized solutions.” Click the post to read the rest of his insightful article.

4. The retail growth engine of Europe revisited – What’s the state of the global retail industry and how will it impact the future of retailing? Tony D’Onofrio’s latest article sheds light on this matter. Check it out to gain insights on global retail market highlights, shopping center development in Europe, global retail shrink, and more.

5. Retail training to sell the more expensive item – Training your associates to sell your cheapest products is actually very expensive for your business, says Retail Doctor Bob Phibbs. In this post, he makes a compelling argument on why selling the cheap is a bad, and he offers some advice on what retailers can do instead. Click through the post to learn more.

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