Reverse engineering the Vend help desk using Wordle

Here at Vend HQ, we’re unabashed fans of ‘self service’. We like the challenge and reward of figuring out the nuts and bolts of the products we ourselves love and use every day (Xero, Google Apps, Mailchimp etc), not to mention the low cost model it affords. Vend was created with this principle very much in mind. We hope (and are reliably informed) that the majority of our customers feel the same way.

Of course, a ‘self service’ product needs a good knowledge-base. While Vend is still a still relatively new and evolving product, we endeavor to document the most important functions in advance, and write the rest ‘to order’. Sometimes this is as simple as staying alert to frequently asked customer questions. Other times it helps to have a little fuzzy logic and a nice picture.

One such example is the Wordle above, which we created using search queries from, weighted by popularity, to help us nail down the pressing topics we need to address in our documentation.

As it’s also quite a nice, simple explanation of Vend’s core features, we thought we’d share it on our blog 🙂

(This infographic was created using Wordle and Google Analytics, with a little help from this article.)

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