Silent printing for Vend on Google Chrome

One of the most popular requests on our helpdesk is the ability to print receipts during a sale without having click, or press enter on, the print dialog that appears when a web browser prints every page. Commonly known as “silent printing”.

Very ninja.

We’re pleased to let Vend customers know that there are now not one, but two methods to enable silent printing for Vend point of sale. Both of which are compatible with our favorite browser, Google Chrome. (Although, for now, only on Windows.)

eAngulus Silent Print for VendHQ

One of our partners in Australia, Shaun Williams of eAngulus Computer Solutions, has built a lite, Windows app, that automatically fires the ‘print’ button when the print dialog appears.

The app installs in seconds, only ‘triggers’ at the Vend sell screen, and requires no other configuration changes. Nice & easy.

Find out more and purchase Silent Print for VendHQ from the eAngulus website.

Kiosk Printing for Google Chrome

Chrome has a startup shortcut which enables the browser to run in full screen only, or kiosk, mode. Since Chrome version 18.0.1 (currently on the beta channel) a clever addition to kiosk mode has been released, kiosk printing.

This works with the Chrome native ‘print preview’ feature, automatically firing the print button as soon as print preview appears.

Full configuration instructions both both options are detailed on our knowledgebase, and below is a video tutorial for enabling kiosk printing in Google Chrome.

Happy Vending!


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