SoftwareInsider Ranks Vend a Top 5 Point of Sale Vendor



We’re thrilled to announce that Vend was recently ranked as a top 5 point of sale vendor by! This is quite an achievement, considering the many POS solutions in the market, and we’re honored to have made the top 5.

Below is a bit more info on SotwareInsider, and the factors that they considered in their rankings:

SoftwareInsider collects, structures, and analyzes data for over 8000 business software products. Recently, they ranked their list of POS vendors by the breadth of functionality (completeness of their feature set) and their collection of user ratings. The results put Vend in the top 5 of all point of sale vendors. The analysis considered how thoroughly the vendor addressed user needs in the following areas – point of sale, business management, customer relations, and peripheral support.


Vend | SoftwareInsider


  • The Point of Sale Rating assesses each product on their core point of sale offering, taking into account their ability to process returns, handle tax exemptions, and address the core POS needs.
  • The Business Management Rating factors in how well the point of sale integrates to the rest of the business. Does the product allow its users to track their accounting? Will it keep track of inventory and alert users of low stock? This rating addresses these and other back office aspects of the software.
  • The Customer Relationship Management Rating effectively rates each product on their features related to customer engagement and tracking. Tools that offer loyalty rewards program, salesperson history log, and customer information databases earned higher scores.
  • The Peripheral Integration Rating awards high ratings to products with more hardware integration capabilities. Some of the hardware integrations included in the rating include tablets, barcode scanners, and wireless support.

Vend was one of the few products that was able to achieve a high rating in all 4 of these categories. With such a diverse feature set and an online interface, Vend can address the needs of most small to midsize businesses, including bike shops, flower stores, and health & beauty salons. While Vend is a great fit for smaller organizations, it also scales easily, making it a great solution for retail businesses with plans to grow.

Over 15,000 businesses around the world have taken advantage of Vend’s diverse feature set, using it to manage their retail stores. Some examples of reputable organizations using Vend’s software include Disney, Harvard University, and the World Wildlife Fund.

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