Some space age goodies in the latest Vend release

Switched on Vendors may have noticed a few changes when they logged into their point of sale this morning. The cool customer in this photograph certainly did*.

We’ve been busy lately, working on improvements, most in the background, but some front of house stuff too. If you like bullet lists (let’s be frank.. who doesn’t?) read the full release notes. But if you just want a hand picked selection of the best bits, here they are:

Design Tweaks

I say tweaks, because they’re small, but noticeable improvements. Don’t freak out. The Vend you know and love is still the same, only prettier. We’re incrementally introducing some overall design improvements to the user interface. This is one of those steps.

(I’ve been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the future. And trust me, it’s beautiful!)

Variant Pricing

You can now set a pricing at the variant level, either manually in Vend, or during a product import. So you can add a Flat White or T-shirt as one product, with three different prices for each size or colour.


You can now setup and/or link to a Shopify web store in Vend, allowing you to synchronize products and orders between Vend and Shopify. (Exciting, we know. More on this soon…)

Search History by Date Range

A very popular request. Now you can easily filter your long and profitable history by date range. Great for tracking down rogue sales, or just idling away the hours. (You’ll notice some of those nice design improvements in the filter bar too).

Other features and bug fixes

There’s a couple of other features added under the hood. You can email receipts from the sales history, not just during a sale. Product types can be manually edited in Vend, as well as in a CSV import. And we’ve removed the Void button from re-opened sales, to prevent accidental voiding of laybys and customer sales.

There’s some more functional and design improvements on the way in the next major update. I can’t reveal too much at this stage, but if you happen to hear the words ‘Quick Keys’, just remember you didn’t hear them from me.


* – special thanks to Kara Haas for sending us this space dude, along with a care package of other NASA treats, from the Cape Kennedy space centre.

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