Speed Up Sales So You Can Spend More Time Serving Shoppers

Nothing makes a sales frenzy more frantic than motionless queues and slow, awkward payments at checkout. Have you ever had a customer walk out the door because they didn’t want to wait in line any longer? Then you know it’s a painful experience not having the time to serve them!

Today’s shoppers want a quick and convenient experience. They want to pay in the way that suits them best. So if a retailer is inflexible when accepting payment types, then there’s a risk shoppers will look for items elsewhere.

It becomes increasingly difficult to meet these demands too. Processing rates get pricey, and the risk of fraudulent payments is ever-increasing. It’s not easy to find an inexpensive payment provider that can be trusted to secure you from breaches at the same time.

Luckily, Vend partners with some of the world’s best payment providers to bring your customers a seamless, faster, and more flexible shopping experience. Payments integrate with Vend, so sales flow directly from your POS system to your card reader for more accurate and secure payments. Best of all, at Vend we work to get our retailers exclusive, competitive rates!


Here are just three ways integrated payments can streamline sales at checkout to save you time and keep customers coming back through the door.

1. Speedy and more accurate sales at checkout.

Smiling blonde doing shopping in clothes storeWhen you use integrated payments with Vend, there’s no double-entry or awkward fumbling with the card reader at checkout, reducing wait times for your valuable shoppers.

Your payment totals and reporting are more accurate as a result, and there’s no need for manual reconciliation at the end of the day. S
pend less time ringing through sales and adding up numbers, and more time getting to know your customers, training your staff, or creating beautiful in-store displays.

2. Flexible payments, tight security.

At Vend we work closely with our payment partners to bring our retailers exclusive competitive rates, and these get better the more your business sells and grows — so you can sell more without spending more!

With competitive rates you can be more flexible when accepting payments. Our providers accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express — as well as the latest technologies like NFC and Apple Pay.


Apple Pay is making its way across the globe, so now’s the time to cement yourself as a retail leader! Let shoppers make purchases with Apple Pay to stay ahead of the technology curve, and speed up sales at checkout with an integrated payment solution.

For your peace of mind, we ensure our payment partners are at the forefront of payment security and compliance. Our payment partners are EMV certified, keeping your business secure from breaches at all times.

3. Get help every step of the way.

Getting started with an integrated payment solution is easy. Whether you’re new to integrated payments or switching from a current payment solution, Vend and its partners will help at every step, making sure you get the most cost-effective solution and best service — including getting the right hardware.

Once you have your hardware in hand, setting up integrated payments in-app takes only minutes. Simply select your provider and you’re up and running. The set-up for each payments provider is documented in our Help Center.

We partner with a range of top payment providers around the world, including Square, Vantiv, PayPal, Payment Express, Moneris, Tyro, SmartPay, iZettle, and more. Find out which payment partners are available in your region.

Tip: You can still use non-integrated payment types with Vend — enabling you to take payments separately while still tracking sales data. Visit our Help Center to find out more.

Find out more about payments with Vend, or contact us at payments@vendhq.com. We’ll put you in touch with the right payment provider for your business, to help you run the world’s best retail.

About Ashley Gilgrist

Ashley looks after product marketing at Vend — working hard to bring exciting product launches to retailers around the globe. When she’s not busy talking all-things-Vend, Ashley also has a love of tea, candle-crafting, binge-watching, and hiking the pointy peaks of New Zealand.