Staff post: Get the most out of support

                              Vend support will never desert you.

Everyone needs help sometimes – including the Vend help desk! Help us help you by following these steps whenever you log a support request.

1. Details details details

The devil is in the details. We need to know exactly what led up to the problem so we can replicate and then resolve it. The more detail the better. We’re talking scary detail. We’re talking “you are a stalker and you are stalking your problem” detail. This should include (but is not limited to):

•Step-by-step recaps of every action leading up to the issue.

Screenshots or a screencast of what the problem looks like.

•All the particulars (make, model, etc) of any disruptive devices.

•For problem products, a complete list of the trouble-makers.

2. Grant us access to your account

The quickest way for us to reproduce, troubleshoot and solve your question is to see it in action on your Vend account. If you provide us with the username and password for an existing admin user – or – create an admin username and password specially for us, we can remotely sign into your account and see what is going on. All information submitted in a support ticket or email remains confidential between you and our support team.

3. Grant us access to your computer

If we can reproduce your issue remotely on your account, we may need to remotely see what is happening on your actual computer. This is particularly helpful for diagnosing common hardware & printing issues. Our agents can send you a link which, with your permission, will grant temporary remote access to your desktop computer. Its like we’ll be sitting right there with you!

4. Take a deep breath & let us help you!

Thank you!
Vend support team

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