Vender of the week: Sydney Skydivers

Every week we post a quick profile of one of our many interesting point-of-sale customers worldwide.

Who: Sydney Skydivers

Where: Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane & Byron Bay, Australia

What: Sydney Skydivers is Australia’s largest skydive company, with locations and offices along the east coast of Australia. Every year Sydney Skydivers perform 10’s of thousands of jumps with both first time and experienced skydivers.

Love your customer: To be fair, there’s not a lot of adrenalin junkies among the web developers and intertube geeks at the Vend office. But we do love to see our product used in such a cool business.

Russell Brown of Sydney Skydivers set everything up himself, installing Vend on Mac Minis and iPads with networked printers & cash drawers in a variety of remote offices and shops.

Seamless mobile point-of-sale over the internet, in a bespoke business, without the traditional hassle of maintaining software or network infrastructure, is exactly what Vend is all about.

Love your POS: “It’s simple, it’s fast and it’s ties together all our remote shops and offices in a way that is nearly trivial to the user .. but obviously with vend doing the POS magic to make it look easy.” – Russell Brown, Sydney Skydivers, Australia


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