Tip of the Week: Composite Products

Did you know you can sell wine by the glass? Or tie some t-shirts and badges together with twine and sell them as one product?

Composite products on Vend allows you to bundle different products together and sell them as one item – or to unpack one product and sell it as individual items.

For instance, say sometimes you sell a bottle of wine by the glass, and at other times you sell a bottle of wine with the glass. With composite products you can sell the same product two (or more) ways. And Vend will calculate your stock automatically.

Composite products can be created with current stock – or you can import composite products from the get-go.

Here are few ways to make use of the composite product feature:

  • Combine several different products into a gift-pack. (Customer panic at Christmastime is sorted).
  • Combine multiples of the same product for added consumer savings. (Just don’t unpack that box of Powerbars, or matches, or masking tape..)
  • Combine several fractional products. (My thoughts exactly. A wine-tasting sampler).

For more tips and tricks regarding composite products check out Vend support.

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About Tara Benedict

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