Vend’s 2016 Holiday Retail Boot Camp Day 9: Offer Convenient In-Store Services



Last-minute shoppers don’t just want to be served quickly; they want to be taken care of. They want you to help relieve their holiday stress so they can get what they need and enjoy the festivities. The best way to do this is to engage your employees.

As Joe Cecere (president at Little) said, “To help last-minute holiday shoppers now — or any time of the year — retailers have to go beyond price and selection. What they need to do is leverage their most under-utilized assets: their employee base. Passionate, engaged employees can deliver personal customer experiences that create customer loyalty and help dial down the panic mode of the annual holiday procrastinator.”

This holiday season, recognize that taking care of your customers starts with taking care of your staff. There are plenty of ways to do this. You can start by determining your store’s peak holiday hours and scheduling shifts so that there’s a healthy associate to customer ratio and none of your employees are overworked. You may also want to hire additional associates just in case.

If you have the space and staffing resources for it (and if it makes sense for your business), why not offer gift-wrapping services? Your last-minute shoppers will thank you for it.

Depending on your business, you can structure your gift-wrapping services in a number of ways. You can offer it for free to add value to purchases and to give people another reason to buy — or you can add certain conditions such as “free with every $50 purchase.” You can also offer gift wrapping as an upsell to increase order values.

See: Day 10.

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