Vend’s 2016 Holiday Retail Boot Camp Day 11: Streamline the Checkout Process


When customers have already decided they want to buy from you, the last thing you want is to lose them at checkout. Unfortunately, many retailers seem to be dropping the ball when it comes to ringing up sales. Between long lines and associates having trouble with the POS, the checkout experience can be frustrating — and it can lead to shoppers abandoning their purchases.

Prevent this by improving the checkout experience. Depending on your store, there are a number of ways to go about this. Some stores are replacing their slow cash registers with mobile POS systems that speed up checkout through functions like email receipts and mobile payments.

Other retailers are taking things a step further by untethering their POS system altogether. This lets associates ring up purchases on the sales floor rather than from behind a cash desk. Home Depot has been implementing this for some time now, and it’s enabled the retailer to improve in-store checkout by allowing staff to ring up sales in aisles or even in the outdoor garden areas of their stores.

See: Day 12.

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