Vend at the 6th Annual VSR Business Optimization Summit.

6th Annual VSR Summmit

Our very own US Channel Account Manager, Karl Stirneman skipped Toronto City for a few days last week to join other VARs and ISVs in NYC for the 6th Annual VSR Business Optimization Summit.

The hugely education 2-day conference covered specific initiatives and latest research results that will help shape emerging technologies and transformational solutions.

Hosted by VSR Editor Angela Diffly, Karl joined a panel made-up of other leading software vendors, armed and ready to share practical insights into the topic, Hybrid Channel Dynamic: Redefining Solutions for Growth & Innovation. Delegates who joined this session learn’t why software is driving so much of the innovation in the channel, the considerations that should be taken when partnering with an ISV, how much profit can be made from software development and what part mobility and cloud can play in the decision making.

To quote Karl during his session;

“There are a lot of people using non-EMV compatible hardware in the U.S. There are big opportunities for VARs to target retailers that have existing systems. Also with the cloud, we see a lot of opportunity with integration, bringing all your systems together and using that data in a holistic approach to analyze how businesses are doing.”

A few key quotes (sourced from VSR) from other speakers over the conference included:

“As hardware margins come down, you need to look at ways to operate your business more efficiently. The channel doesn’t take full advantage of all the value distributors have to offer. We exist to take costs out of the channel – both from the manufacturer’s side and from the reseller’s side. If you’ve been buying from distribution for 10-15 years and you haven’t looked at your operating model and how you can take costs out of your business by leaning on a distributor, it’s time to do that.” Paul Constantine, Business Unit President, ScanSource POS and Barcode

“The timing of Apple Pay is very interesting in the timing of this EMV-driven upswing… At the end of the day, it doesn’t really address what retailers are trying to do.” David Krebs, Executive VP Mobility & Connected Devices, VDC Research Group

“Retailers are trying to find new customers, they’re trying to find a more immersive and engaging experience, and they’re trying to get customers to spend more money. Do these technology investments drive these three parameters? Traditional POS is under a lot of pressure to modernize.” David Krebs, Executive VP Mobility & Connected Devices, VDC Research Group

Read Angela Diffly’s full VSR report.

Register now for the 7th Annual Summit, May 6-8 2015.

Next years’ summit dates have already been announced for May 6-8. Make sure you register your interest for future announcements.

Thanks again to the VSR team for having Vend.

If you’d like to connect with Karl or understand more about the Vend Expert Reseller program, just drop us a line.

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