Vend acquires retail reporting and analytics provider PeopleMine, yay!


Here at Vend we eat data for breakfast (as well as serious helpings of the stuff for lunch and dinner). We think information is the most powerful weapon in a store-owner’s arsenal.This is why we’re excited to announce the acquisition of retail data and reporting service PeopleMine – which will help us bring smarter reporting tools to Vend retailers!

PeopleMine is a New Zealand-based cloud startup providing reporting tools and sales analytics to retailers. Basically, it helps store-owners find out more about their business, identify sales trends, and provides the groundwork for them to make smarter business decisions. The PeopleMine team is quite small, and as part of the acquisition we’ve brought on board the company’s founder Greg Day – who brings with him a rich knowledge of data visualisation (heck, that’s what his PhD is in).

(This is Greg – he’s pretty darn stoked to be a part of the Vend team)

“I came on board with Vend because it gives me the opportunity to refine what we were doing with PeopleMine and scale it out to thousands of businesses,” says Greg.

“With Peoplemine, I learned that retailers really want access to their data. But data alone isn’t really useful – so our job is to make sure that retailers understand what the data means, and ideally to allow them to change behaviour to improve their business. We want to make Vend reporting and analytics amazing for small retailers. And simple. And beautiful.”

Greg and the Vend Engineering team will be working this year on improving Vend’s reporting features (stay tuned for more info on what’s coming).

While this is taking place, we’ll be (very) slowly shutting down PeopleMine. Many of PeopleMine’s customers are already Vend retailers, so they’ll be seeing the work Greg and the team are doing as we roll it out.

Again, we’re really excited to have Greg on board, and look forward to providing our retailers with amazing reporting and analytics tools to help them kick-butt and sell more goods.

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