Announcing our partnership with bira – and a special offer for UK retailers!

Independent retail stores are the backbone of every UK town – they bring people together, support other local businesses, create a sense of community, and open their towns up to the world. We love to help local retailers succeed and bring beautiful shopping experiences to the High Street, and are proud to have been working with retail stores across the UK for a few years now.

The British Independent Retailers Association (bira) does amazing work for UK retailers – and they’ve been doing it for much longer than we have! For 117 years they’ve been supporting independent retailers in all kinds of industries and sizes. They’re now the UK’s largest independent retail network with over 6,500 members.

So we’re pretty excited to be partnering with bira as their chosen ePOS for retail stores. Together we’ll be working to give support, information and inspiration to independent retailers, while offering benefits and business services with Vend which aren’t available to anyone else!

If you’re a bira member and want to get set up with Vend, you’ll have access to this exclusive offer:

  • A free 45 minute consultation with a Vend Retail Specialist
  • 50% off onboarding & training Vend Services packages
  • Award-winning 24/7 customer support
  • …while unlocking all the amazing benefits of using Vend as their POS system 🙂

If you’d like more information on becoming a bira member or our new partnership offer, visit:

We’re so excited to start working with such an incredible organisation, and can’t wait to bring remarkable retail to more UK businesses!



About Kate Webby

Kate is the guardian of communications at Vend. Her love of retail began with ice cream (selling it at music festivals), jewellery (selling it in department stores), and badly made coffee (serving it in cafes). Having lived and worked for technology companies across the oceans, Kate loves sharing Vend's story and the success of its amazing customers around the world.