Vend gets a makeover

Did someone say ‘Quick Keys’?

The last few months have been busy here at Vend, releasing a number of important updates to our core product. Some of these have been visible, like the recent integration with Shopify. Much of the work takes place behind the scenes, improving features based on customer feedback, fixing bugs, improving the product in ways many customers might not even notice.

But tonight we’ll be releasing an update to Vend that won’t be so easy to overlook.

The screenshot below should give you a hint at the goodness you’ll soon see when you log into your Vend store.

Some of the changes are largely cosmetic. We’ve cleaned up and modernised the user interface, removed dead space, and lifted the sell screen up by creating a uniform top navigation bar.

The killer feature in your new Vend, though, is our fully interactive Quick Keys. As you can see in the screenshot above, we’ve added tabs, pages and colour coding. But it’s the setup pages where this gets really exciting.

Read the help guide on using the new quick keys feature.

Building a map of quick key buttons has never been easier. Quickly add products, drag and drop to reorder keys, add colours and tabs, apply short or custom names to keys, then save your layout to a template that can be applied to one or many shops. You can save as many templates as you like, so each store can have a different set of buttons.

Things get even cooler when you have a product with variants. You can choose to add just a variant of a product as a quick key button (say ‘Small Hot Macciato’) or you can add the master product, which prompts cashiers to select the variants when they click the quick key when making a sale.


Yep, so are we. We can’t wait. A lot of your feedback and suggestions have gone into this, so we hope you like the work we’ve done.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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