Vend ♥ Coffee

Browsing the Xero blog recently (yes, we do that round here) I read that Catherine Walker, Xero Community Manager (aka ‘Orange Girl’), reckons she is something of a coffee aficionado snob. A subject which is very dear to our own hearts.

So we at Vend thought we would share our coffee obsession with you too.

(For our international customers, it’s worth pointing out that New Zealanders take their coffee seriously. Maybe a little too seriously – it’s practically a matter of national pride.)

Take, for example, this nice bit of Vend branding, captured during Monday WIP at one of our favorite local haunts, Espresso Workshop

Chatting in her blog comments, Catherine asked me if we knew how to draw Moustaches in our lattes. A challenge I took seriously this morning on my home espresso machine before heading into the office.

Maybe a little too seriously?

OK, so I might have cheated a little by using chocolate sprinkles. But all’s fair in love and latte-art war, isn’t it?


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