How Vend helped build The Block.

A little while ago, The Block Glasshouse came to Vend for help with a new idea – a retail challenge to feature in Australasia’s biggest reality TV show! Check out the video above for the behind-the-scenes story of how Vend made it happen.

“It’s so easy that if my husband Daz can get it, anyone can get it!”

– Dee Jolly, contestant on The Block.

They set their contestants the task of building, stocking and trading a retail store to sell the kind of products they would decorate their apartments with.

It was an epic task on top of the contestants’ already huge task of designing, building and furnishing an entire apartment.

So it was vital for The Block that they had a point-of-sale that was quick and easy to set up, quick to learn and use, but also one that was powerful enough to handle thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers, all the while tracking sales, inventory, and delivering the reports needed to determine the winner of the challenge.

The challenge went so well that the store went from a pop-up to an ongoing retail store which is still at its location today, and Vend was able to help them seamlessly make that transition.

It was a thrill to get such a great shout-out on this show, watched and loved by millions. Heck, Jordan King from our Australian team has now even achieved star status after appearing on the show, getting recognized and stopped on the streets of Melbourne.

A huge thanks goes out to our friends at Xero for the introduction, The Block’s producers and crew (who were an absolute treat to work with), and Nine Network for having us as part of the team.

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