Vend in the USA Radar Rap

Last week our CEO and founder, Vaughan Rowsell, joined us in the US for another action packed week. He was here to present the Vend story and product at the 18th Under the Radar Conference, amongst 28 other selected startups.  We thank you for all of the cheers, support and tweets throughout. 

It was an honor and a privilege to spend the day with passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs.  Vaughan presented following a competitive line up of Revel Systems, Seamless Receipts and Slice.  We wish to congratulate all of the presenters in our category, and especially Slice, in winning the hearts of the judges and audience in our category of Retail 2.0.

We additionally enjoyed meeting up with some of our current and future partners at the 8th Annual Sleeter Conference.   Despite a challenging few days with no Internet at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, the Sleeter team, speakers, and vendors led us through thoughtful sessions on the future of small business accounting.   

While we did track down coffee strong enough to keep us moving forward, we believe there exists a gap in the market, and hence tremendous business opportunity, for a quality coffee house (running Vend, of course) in Las Vegas.

^ Kara

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