Vend Now Offers Premium Support

We know that as a business owner and operator, you’re incredibly busy. And sometimes, when you’re setting up a new business (or flat out running your current one) you may not have the time to tackle the wonderful world of software implementation.

Sometimes it’s nice to just have some things – even wonderful things like software implementation – taken care of for you, so you can focus on all those other demands in your life. (Like your store fit-out. Or getting enough sleep. Or spending time with your family).

At Vend, our objective is to bring delight to you, our customers. We’re here to make your work easier. Which is why we have added Premium Support to our list of services.

We want you to be able to focus on running your business while we focus on giving you the readymade toolset and training you need to hit the ground running.

With Premium Support, we will take care of your initial Vend account setup, including:

  • creating and importing product and customer databases,
  • assisting in the migration of data from an existing system,
  • setting up quick keys, user permission settings and loyalty,
  • implementing administrative processes,
  • and initial Xero and/or Shopify integration.

By subscribing to Premium support, you’ll also receive unlimited phone support during New Zealand business hours and ongoing, one-to-one training for yourself and staff.

You’ll learn all the best practices for managing products and inventory, stocktaking, editing quick keys, discounting, implementing pricebooks, creating reports and effectively utilising the dashboard.

For more information about Premium Support, and Vend support in general, have a look this article in our Knowledgebase:  What does Vend offer for customer support?

Please contact if you have any questions about premium support, and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy. ^Tara

About Vaughan Fergusson

Vaughan is the Founder of Vend. An entrepreneur and technologist, Vaughan's goal is to make retailers' lives easier. When he's not leading the team, Vaughan is working on his charitable foundation and raising his kids.