Vend Partners with Down Your High Street to Help UK Independent Retailers Thrive

Independent retailers know how important it is to stay on top of the latest trends and this includes how customers discover new products and how they want to purchase them. Down Your High Street is an exciting online marketplace and shopping platform where indies can sell their unique products and promote their businesses. And we’re delighted to announce that Vend + Down Your High Street are officially partnered!

Down Your High Street (DYHS) is an online platform for customers to purchase products from independent retailers, while enjoying the comforts and convenience of online shopping. It’s a win-win for both shoppers and stores!

For customers, DYHS is a one-stop shop for unique, high-quality products that come from the UK and support local High Street retailers. For retailers, it’s a great platform to reach more customers and boost sales, plus promote your physical retail location and social media accounts.

Did you know?

As part of this partnership, we’re offering £500 free onboarding and training from a Vend Retail Expert for Down Your High Street members! For more information and Ts&Cs go to

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DYHS encourages shoppers to support their local high streets by buying from indie retailers online, but it also encourages them to visit in store. One way they do this is by recognising the shoppers’ location and giving them discounts on other local businesses in the areas, like cafes.

There’s also a Click and Collect option for shoppers to buy online and pick-up in store. Customers are huge fans of this service, and industry data shows that almost a third of shoppers opted for in-store pickup last holiday season. It’s also a great way to drive in-store sales, as 69% of shoppers who pick up orders in-store end up buying additional items. If you have an online store already or not, you can start doing Click and Collect straight away with DYHS.

Irena Lane of LAGOM, a beautiful Swedish-inspired brand based in the South Bank, London, has been using Vend for 8 years and signed up with Down Your High Street in 2018. Irena shared her thoughts on Vend and Down Your High Street with us:

“Vend is our ePOS in store. It’s a fantastic platform because it’s very intuitive and very easy to use. There are a number of great tools that it offers, like reports, loyalty programs, and collecting customer data.”

“We use Down Your High Street as a promotional tool for LAGOM. The more people see us, the more they’re aware of our brand. It’s a great thing really, and the platform is really straightforward to use.”

Thinking of joining Down Your High Street? Go to to find out more — it’s totally free to join! And don’t forget there’s £500 free onboarding and training from a Vend Retail Expert for Down Your High Street members.

We’re also delighted to share that we’re attending Down Your High Street’s launch event on July 8th. Go to to sign up for your tickets. We’ll be there to show retailers how they can effortlessly sell, manage, report and grow their businesses with Vend ePOS.  Vend’s very own Higor will also be giving a quick talk at so if you’re coming along don’t miss it!


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