Vend kicks off showcase events with Apple in the US


Last month we were thrilled to announce that we’d be working with Apple as one of a select group of business app developers, to help SMB retailers use mobile and cloud technology to transform their businesses, and deliver a world-class customer experience.

Our announcement was covered in the Wall Street Journal along with one of our inspiring customers, TopShelf Style. TopShelf Style is a great example of how the cloud and iPad can help a business succeed. From selling out of her mobile fashion truck, owner and manager Christina Ruiz now has a brick & mortar shop in downtown San Francisco and a thriving online store.

Our good friends at Xero are one of the other SaaS companies working with Apple, which is a validation of the impact the NZ tech industry is making on the world. For an overview on our work with Apple, you can also read ‘Why Apple picked Vend’  ( or ‘Xero and Vend join Apple’s app elite‘ (ZDNet).

Once the initial excitement settled though, we got cracking on delivering on our plans. This month we’ve been busy rolling out a showcase event series “Revolutionising Retail for iOS” at Apple Retail Stores across the US, including California and Texas, and we’ve got many more planned for the rest of the year, including events in Australia and the UK. Stay tuned for more updates on our blog.

To see other examples of how Vend and Apple can transform the retail experience, check some of the customer stories on our website.

Meanwhile, here’s the TopShelf Style story about running a successful omni-channel business in the cloud:

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